What is you’re morning routine? 

How do you start your day?   I’m curious we all have to have some sort of morning ritual.  I never thought iced coffee world be added info mine!!  Especially Starbucks!  Ha ha 

For me in my recovery,  the last few months I’ve started a morning routine.  I try to be religious about it,  but he’s im human.  However the minute I stop being thankful is when I know I’m in trouble.  

Every morning I wake up and say my prayers to Spirit Goddess.  Actually my first higher power in my recovery program is called Lucy.  But that’s a separate story .  After I say my prayers I write out a gratitude list and send it to my sponsor.  She is the one responsible for sharing this excercize.  It doesn’t have to be complicated.  Even something simple like thank your “for this eletronical device that I’m writing this blog post on.  ” most of the time I try to do at least five and I try to have five different things each day.  After all,  we can’t be hateful if we’re grateful. Go ahead and try this exercise you’ll be guaranteed to see a difference in how you feel.   It’s funny,  I can tell when I don’t do this because soon everything turns negative and my mood gets crappy.  

Then after my list I set a timer and try to journal.  Next to my bed I keep my iced coffee,  or some non alcoholic beverage next to my bed,  candle,  my daily devotional,  favorite pens,  and my journal.  

What do you do for yourself?  How do you practice self care?  How do you start your morning?  I’m eager to hear your responses. 

Today I just finished my first year of college!!  That’s something to be thankful for.  In two months I will have started my blog one year ago when I started school.   Tonight I got one of my finals back and I got a 97% and 4.0. I’m so excited and grateful! 

Cheers to the future and the next adventures of life and school! 

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