In one of my classes up at the college ( Relapse and Prevention) class, we recently had a discussion board on the online part of the classroom, and the topic was ” How do we handle stress?”  It was interesting to read the different types of responses.  Every one seem to have something different, but a common thread. Nature and music.

What is it about nature and music that changes everything?  I can turn on my headphones, and play my music as loud as I can, and just disappear for hours.  One morning I was waiting for the bus and I had my music on very loud and a friend of mine pulled her car over to see if I wanted to ride with her to school. She yelled my name over and over and I couldn’t hear her.  She had to basically wave her arms I front of my face to get my attention .  I now realize that that probably wasn’t the smartest thing that I have done and that I should be a little more alert and careful when I’m walking with loud music.  But almost everyone’s response was walking ahd music. Isn’t it cool how music , and lyrics can touch the soul of our core?  Have you ever had a song send chills down your spine? I have.  I’ll post it at the bottom of this post.

After that recent discussion board, I thought it would be fun to ask other people what are ways that you handle stress?  Please give me your honest input. I’m always looking for new tools to add to my tool box.

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