Helping Someone Else

Maybe I do have the knack to be a therapist.  A classmate of mine came to join me for coffee today. She told me that she wanted to thank me for sharing my story with her about an experience that I had when I was first getting sober.  One day she was telling me that sometimes she cries and cries and doesn’t really know why. She thought that something was wrong with her. I asked her long she had in sobriety.  She told me she just had nine months. After that I had expressed a memory about how in my first year of sobriety the first six months I spent it frozen in silence with my back pinned to the walls of the AA meetings.  Then the other six months I just said my name but no one could hear or understand me because every time I did speak I just started crying.  They still didn’t know my name.

Today I was at the coffee shop and she told me that she has ten months today and she said thank you for telling me that story it helped me a lot.  That put a smile on my face and helped to know that what I do share does help people I often wondered about that.

I get asked a lot of what I’m doing in school.  I originally started school to become an Addictions counselor. However I have noticed that I don’t really want to specialize in that.  I’m having trouble separating my own stuff from the learning process now I’m not sure how well I’d do  in the profession. Some people get worried when I say that but I don’t. From what I’m learning in the classes, with in the field that I’m studying,  the counselors  now are actually having to go back to school because they have to get the addictions credentials to continue with their job because the demand for addictions counselors are rising  .Where I’m going to go yet in the field , but there’s plenty of opportunities to help me figure that out.  And there’s a lot of career choices.  I do know that it’s a good feeling when you are able to help someone else.  I like that.

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